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Final preparations for the celebration of the Urta Festival 2021

The city is decked out for the Fiesta de la Urta with extraordinary lighting in different areas of the historic center that will be illuminated this Thursday night, stages in different squares such as Bartolomé Pérez, Cantera or Merced where the musical performances will take place, lanterns in Charco Street and squares, or the children’s decoration of the Merced, where there will also be children’s shows.

The Delegation of Festivities is finalizing preparations for this Fiesta de la Urta, a different edition marked by the conditions and regulations of the pandemic to be held with musical performances by local artists, the traditional gastronomic contest of Urta a la Roteña and activities to be held in various squares of the city with all hygienic-sanitary measures, following the same line as the activities of the Cultural Summer.

As already announced by the delegate of Festivities, Laura Almisas, the programming of the festival is completed this year with the Urta Park underway since last July 23 at the fairgrounds. The program of the Fiesta de la Urta will begin this Thursday, and after the lighting of the lights, in the Plaza de la Cantera which will host from half past ten at night the tribute performance to ‘Fito and Fitipaldis’ of ‘A thousand kilometers.

On the other hand, the stage, located in the Plaza de la Merced, will be the one for kids. Therefore, on Friday 30 from half past nine at night there will be a storyteller entitled ‘The Guardians of the Castle’.Friday’s programming will continue at ten o’clock at night in the Plaza Bartolomé Pérez, a space that during this festival will be dedicated to flamenco as the three artists roteñas with the academy in will pass through this stage. On Friday it will be the turn of Rocío Sánchez and ‘Aires Flamencos’ with the show ‘Entre dos aguas’.

On Saturday 31, the Plaza de la Merced will offer from half-past nine at night a new children’s show with the musical ‘The Golden Witch’, while at half-past ten at night the Plaza de la Cantera will be the stage for the performance of the School of Music Andante; and at eleven at night the stage of the Plaza Bartolomé Pérez will host the flamenco show ‘My tablao’ of the dancer Laura Pirri.

On Sunday August 1, the big day of this festival which celebrates the gastronomic contest of ‘Urta a la roteña’ that gives essence to this festival, the activities will begin at half-past eight in the evening with the reception of the urtas presented to the contest in the Plaza of Spain. After the deliberation of the jury, which will be responsible for awarding the prizes in this contest in which there are two categories professional and amateur, at half-past ten in the evening will be awarded the prizes on the stage installed in the Plaza Bartolomé Pérez.

In addition to the contest, on Sunday from half-past nine at night on the stage installed in the Merced will take place the musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’, and in the Plaza Bartolome Perez from eleven o’clock at night Ofelia Marquez will present his show ‘Andalusia land of art’.

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